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SCSAD - Special Course in Sustainable Agriculture and Development -

At MSCNFE in Allahabad, we accept 10-15 students every year for a 10 months program, where they learn about sustainable and developmental agriculture. Students gather not only from India, but also from Nepal, Myanmar, and other countries around India, and live together in a cross-cultural environment. To make this a learning environment even for young novices, we are not necessarily looking for those with technical skills in certain fields, but rather, for those with flexible characteristics that are necessary in working in developmental projects in villages in developing countries. Thus, the applicants may be inexperienced in agriculture and developmental projects. Please contact the office if you are interested.

Course Outline

SCSAD is divided into two majors.

●Sustainable Agriculture Major
While focusing on organic farming, students will learn knowledge & skills of vegetable and crop cultivation, small-scale animal husbandry and marketing.

Curriculum …Concepts of Sustainable Agriculture / Soil Sciences / Plant Protection/Rice Culture / Fish Culture / Pig Farming / Horticulture (classroom session) /Farm Work (crop & vegetable cultivation / charcoal making / Wood vinegar making / Agriculture microorganism) / Individual Plot/Others


●Rural Development Major
Students will learn knowledge of community health/nutrition skills food processing and income generation activities which are necessary for the betterment of rural livelihood.

Curriculum …Food processing (Food Preservation / Meat Processing / Vegetable processing / Fruit Processing / Bottling / Packing / Flour processing) /Community Health / Healthy Cooking / Kitchen Garden / Cooperative Shop Management / Village survey / Other (Tailoring)


Common Area of Study

●Classroom Session

Concepts of Sustainable Agriculture / Small-scale animal husbandry / Development Issues / Rural Management / Cooperative management / Other (Computer/English)


●Practical Session

Basic techniques of Sustainable Agriculture / Mushroom Culture /Natural Poultry Farming / Egg Hatchery / Income generation project (Soap making / Screen printing) / Products development


●Special Curriculum

Rural Village Stay & Survey / Observation trip / Study tour / Special Events ( Sports day / Cultural Exchange / Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration / International Fellowship )


●Personal & Spiritual Growth

Leadership / Sharing with others / Taking Responsibility / Bible Study / Active Participation


1st of July 2015
to March 2016.
(April May and June includes English and Hindi language training courses)    
※Please let us know if you do not need language training courses.

Please contact us
(The fee includes; food and accommodation, stipend, tuition fees,
tours, all curriculum-related travel and course material).

Application Forms
-Requests for application forms must reach MSCNE by 28th February 2015.
- All completed application forms by fax or post must be returned before 30th March 2015 clearly indicating the address and phone contact-number of the NGO and applicant. An email address is most desirable.

Please click here for more information 

 SCSAD Brochure( For Indian candidates)
 SCSAD Brochure( For Overseas candidates)

Please download the application form from here.
for Indian students  Application form for Indian students(Word)

for Overseas students Application form for Overseas students(Word)

If you do not know how to download or If you would like to send by e-mail
Please contact: Oki


Please contact us here for questions or application.
staff OKi : recruitment@ashaasia.org






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