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Outline of the Organization


Greetings from the Director

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@ Improving the lives of underprivileged people of Indian villages should not be them waiting for the outer forces to support them, but rather, themselves having the power to gather and put their own effort in developing their own villages. Many elderly people of the villages have suffered living under poverty and discrimination for a long time that they have lost dreams and hopes for the future. Thus, we believe that changing the youths and children would change India and its agricultural villages.

@When one’s wishes and hopes for the future collapse, one self and its century collapse with them. Likewise, ASHA will only flourish if the members and the supporters share the dreams and hopes with ASHA and enthusiastically contribute to its vitality, will, and spirit.

@We are ready to take the new mission with your support. We hope you will continue to patronize us and support us with your kindness.


ASHA = Asian Sustainable Holistic Approach
Board Leader  Kazuho Makino
(May 23rd 2009, a greeting as a new Board Leader)

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