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Through projects and activities at Sam Higgingbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences Makino School of Continuing and Non-Formal Education, NPO ASHA supports the people of rural villages in India. 
The annual membership fee is \5,000, and the annual supporting membership fee is \3,000. We are able to accomplish many activities and projects to help the local villages because of your warm support. We hope that you will be able to understand the lives of the rural villages in the world through these projects.
Please offer your supporting hand to the rural village people of India.  

The ASHA members will receive ASHA reports (4 times/year), other types of reports, invitations to seminars, and trips to India. We thank you for your cooperation and supports.


*Samples of ASHA Reports (You will be able to view 1-8 page of each reports)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.36 (Published June 2014)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.34 (Published June 2013)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.33 (Published December 2012)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.32 (Published June 2012)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.31 (Published December 2011)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.30 (Published June 2011)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.29 (Published December 2010)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.28 (Published June 2010)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.27 (Published March 2010)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.26 (Published December 2009)
ASHA Report "HARVEST" No.25 (Published September 2009)

*ASHA Pamphlets

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