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Recruiting New ASHA MembersEAccepting Donations

@@@Recruiting Members of NPO ASHA = Asian Sustainable Holistic Approach
Please support our activities in India. Join ASHA and feel the lives of Indian village people, even if you are in Japan. We appreciate donations, too.

Annual Membership Fee

Individual Official Membership
\ 5,000/person
Group Official Membership      
\ 20,000/group
Individual Supporting Membership
\ 3,000/person
Group Supporting Membership   

Life Membership Fee

Individual Official Life Membership   
\ 50,000/person
Group Official Life Membership      
\ 100,000/group
Individual Supporting Life Membership
\ 30,000/person
Group Supporting Life Membership
\ 50,000/group


* Official members may attend the general meetings and have the right to vote.
* All members will receive seasonal ASHA reports (4 times/year).

P.O. Savings Transfer Account

Account Number: OOPUO|O|RPTPSV@@

Subscriber: ASHA = Asian Sustainable Holistic Approach

* If you need a postal payment form, please let us know. We will send it to you.


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