English Order Form October 2023

Greetings from Allahabad Organic Agriculture Cooperative!

It’s getting cooler in Prayagraj, U.P. with rain fall for these days.

Last month, the ducklings were taken out from paddy fields

since the rice seedlings started blooming.

Now the rice plants entered into the milking stage.

It’s called milking stage since the grains get milk inside at this stage.

This milk becomes rice.

Hope the very high temperature and less rain did not affect to the quality at harvesting time.


Please download the order form of October 2023  from here!




  • Red Miso is ready now
  • New Product Introduced! “Moringa Gift Set”
  • Dried burdock is sold out



  • Red Miso is ready now


After long time, now red miso is ready!

Red miso is the miso which is more fermented than whiter miso.

It has more sweetness, a little sourness and rich taste.

In Japan, the area to area, there are traditional miso.

For example, the people prefer white miso at Tokyo area,

but at Nagoya area, the people prefer red miso.

Since red miso is ready now, mix miso, ginger miso and garlic chili miso is also available now.



  • New Product introduced! “Moringa gift Set”

We introduced new product “Moringa Gift Set”.

It is a combo pack of moringa powder 50g, and Moringa salt (Moringa powder + Rock salt) 50g.

It’s packed in the printed cotton purse made by rural women group, AVS, in Prayagraj.

The explanation of “What is moringa?”, “How AOAC moringa powder is made”,

and “How to eat moringa powder” is attached with this gift pack in English & Japanese.

Please use this as unique gifts for your loved ones.

Your purchase will contribute the income of rural women, too!



  • Dried burdock is sold out


We are so sorry to say that dried burdock is sold out now.

The next stock will come on May 2024.

Please contact us for your needs of fresh and dried burdock (Gobo) since the demand is unstable.


Thank you so much, and Wishing you Great October!



About AOAC:

AOAC is a registered cooperative in Praygraj, U.P.. (Since 2007)

We are growing Japanese rice, and producing miso, soy sauce,

Lemon squash, moringa powder, dried Gobo (Burdock) etc

under Japanese NGO’s technical and quality guidance.

We are promoting sustainable agriculture and foods which are healthy and tasty.



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