English Order Form November 2023!

Greetings from Allahabad Organic Agriculture Cooperative!

It’s getting cooler in North India.

How are you doing?


Please download the order form of November 2023 from here


Please send the order form to


If there is no reply, system error might be there.

Then, please send aoacindia@gmail.com too.





  1. Big Discount Campaign! Nov 2022 Harvest Low pesticide Japanese Rice
  2. Only in Winter!Lemon Ginger’s season started♪
  3. Winter Holidays



  1. Big Discount Campaign! Nov 2022 Harvest Low pesticide Japanese Rice


We will have big discount campaign for Nov 2022 harvest low pesticide rice for 2 months!

Now 15% discount is offered from the usual price.

The rice condition is still good.

We also offer good price for the whole sale order, too.



2. Only in Winter!Lemon Ginger’s season started♪


Thank you for your patience.

Now Lemon Ginger squash (concentrated juice) is ready to sell.

This product is only sold in cool season (Nov. to Feb. or March).

The juice does not have any chemical preservatives and artificial color.

You can mix water, soda, ice when it’s hot.

You can also mix hot water in cold season.

Many customers repeatedly enjoy this product.

Please try it!



3. Winter Holidays


This is the announcement in advance.

Winter holiday this year is started from 23 December 2023 – 2nd January 2024.

We will take order until 18th December 2023.

After that, you can send order, but we will ship after 3rd January, 2024.

So, if you are planning to order at the end of December,

please send beforehand.


<From Manager>

This is festive season in November.

During Dipawali, the rural people here put the diya (lamp) all over the farm and house

with wishing to have blessings from God before harvesting rice.

The scenery is very very beautiful and peaceful in the evening to night.

There are many people who need this peace in the world in this moment.

Wishing you enjoy happy and peaceful month!


Keiko Kawaguchi

AOAC Manager


About AOAC:

AOAC is a registered cooperative in Praygraj, U.P.. (Since 2007)

We are growing Japanese rice, and producing miso, soy sauce,

Lemon squash, moringa powder, dried Gobo (Burdock) etc

under Japanese NGO’s technical and quality guidance.

We are promoting sustainable agriculture and food which is healthy and tasty.


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