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Greetings from Allahabad Organic Agriculture Cooperative!


How are you doing? Still the hot weather is going on. We hope you are doing well!


August is the month of rice transplanting. Our cooperative start brooding ducklings at the same time of rice transplanting,

and start releasing to the paddy field after one week.

This is the season that we can see very cute scenery that small ducklings swim between short seedlings.


Please download the order form of August 2023 list from here.




  • Nutrients from the Superfood: Moringa Powder
  • Revising GST HSN code for some products



  • About our Moringa Powder


We are often asked about moringa powder.

It’s already very common in India.

However, here I want to introduce you about the story behind our moringa powder.

(Download the AOAC moringa powder leaflet!)


As you may know, India is original country of Moringa trees.

However, in our area at Prayagraj, the people eat only pod but not leaf.

In those 10-20 years, many researchers all over the world found the facts of nutrition and effect on the health in moringa.

It’s interesting that the moringa is good for both mal-nutrition, either shortage of some nutrients or over / unbalanced nutrients intake (Obesity, high BP, high blood sugar etc).

According to the book “Kiseki no moringa (Miracle moringa)” (C. Oyama, published by Gentousha, 2019, Japan),

Vitamin C is 7 times of orange, Calcium is 16 times of milk, Iton is 82 times of prune etc. etc.  in moringa leaves.

So, we can take multiple nutrients which we usually take from several supplements.


We asked to Food Hygiene Society of Japan to analyze our nutritional value in our moringa.

The result is shown below:

Now our customers in Japan are also enjoying to improve their health with our moringa powder.

Our moringa is actually processed by the rural women who learn the nutritional values of moringa leaves and how to process the powder hygienically through the trainings conducted by Japanese NGO ASHA =Asian Sustainable Holistic Approach.

So when you buy our moringa, it will enhance your health as well as health and income of rural women and their families. It becomes good cycle.

And, we are promoting sustainable agriculture with moringa through planting moringa trees between the lines of vegetable and crops. It makes diversity in the environment and it reduces the insects and diseases among the plants. And, it was found that moringa absorb CO2 much so growing moringa itself help to reduce carbon from the air.

You can start improving your health from taking one spoonful of moringa powder everyday.

You can mix with yogurt, roti, daal, sabji, pakora, smoothie, omlet etc.


  • Revising GST HSN code for some products


We are revising the GST HSN code led by our CA.

The GST % of miso and soy sauce got changed from 18% to 12% from August 2023.

However, we need to increase the product price since the material cost is increasing.

Therefore, the total price including GST in the list won’t be changed.


Soon we will start brooding ducklings! By the way, we need to train ducklings before putting them to paddy field directly. When we keep them on the water in tab, they get wet. Right after they get wet, we need to take them out from tab and keep sunny place. Then duckling will touch the body part near their bottom, and get the oil with the beak, and spread all over the feathers. By that, next time when they get wet again, water will not penetrate to the feathers and make them heavy. Like this way, they can swim very smoothly on the water. Nature is wonderful!

Please take care since still very hot and humid weather is going on!


Keiko Kawaguchi

AOAC Manager


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