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Study Tour and Work Camp at the Project Sites

ASHA= Asian Sustainable Holistic Approach, a specified nonprofit corporation, hopes that many Japanese people learn and acknowledge the conditions of agricultural villages in India. ASHA, thus, has been collaborating with Makino School of Continuing and Non-Formal Education, Sam Higgingbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, to accept and support participants of Student Work Camp and Study Tour to the department. We hope that you will feel the small Indian agricultural villages with your own senses, and understand the lives of the village people through this experience.

On November 24th 2009, Dr. Yokoyama and his students from Rakuno Gakuen University, a total of 7, participated in the MSCNFE Work Camp Study Tour. 

They helped us work in the fields every morning along with the Indian students, and thrash the harvested rice plant by hands.

Furthermore, the students of Rakuno Gakuen University presented on “Natural Observation for Children,” a theme that they have been researching in their seminar classes. As a return, our department also presented on “Environmental Education for the Village Children of ASHA School,” and the students from both schools exchanged their opinions and suggestions, and made it a valuable and meaningful discussion session.     

Dr. Yokoyama and his students also took trips to observe the department projects at the villages, and travelled to New Delhi, Varanasi, and Taj Mahal of Agra. At the rural villages, the students from Rakuno Gakuen University performed karate and violin. 

Communicating with the students here with Japanese and Hindi, learning a completely different culture from Japan, living a life like Indian village agriculturists… they were all memorable experiences for the professor and his students of Rakuno Gakuen University.


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