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About Accepting Visitors at the Project Sites in India

ASHA = Asian Sustainable Holistic Approach, a specified nonprofit organization, hopes that many Japanese people learn and acknowledge the conditions of agricultural villages in India. ASHA, thus, has been collaborating with Makino School of Continuing and Non-Formal Education, Sam Higgingbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, to accept and support short term visitors to the department. We hope that you will feel the small Indian agricultural villages with your own senses, and understand the lives of the village people through this valuable experience.

A healthy 18+ year old individual who is interested in Indian rural communities, and is able to understand living in a diverse culture (Those under 18 years old require a guardian).

Visiting Period:
More than 3 over-nights, less than 1 month
To avoid schedule conflicts with other events and pick-up/drop-off schedule, please let us know the period you wish to visit as early as possible.

What to Bring:
Clothes, Toiletries, Stationeries, Toilet papers, Camera, etc.
Overseas Insurance Card (please be sure to join and bring the insurance card), Passport, Visa, Return Ticket

Please read over the application form.

It takes about 9 hours by train to get from Delhi Airport to the campus of Sam Higgingbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences MSCNFE. There are also flights from Bangkok Airport to Varanasi Airport (by Thai Air). It takes about 3 hours by bus from Varanasi Airport to the campus.

It is possible to arrange a guide from Delhi Airport to the campus with 3000 yen fee. Please understand that we may adjust the dates depending on the schedule of the staff members.

Please directly fill the application form below, and send it to the e-mail address below as an attachment.
Please apply at least a month before your visit, as it requires some time to book the train tickets and to arrange the staff schedules.

The weather in India is extremely dry and harsh during April, May, and June. Additionally, those months are set aside as a preparation period for the 10 month training program for the young agriculturists, as a period for seminars and evaluations outside campus for staffs, and as a period to return to Japan for Japanese staff members. So, please plan to visit India from July onwards.  

Please contact the below address for application and other inquiries.

Download: (right click the below link and choose “Save” to download)

Application Form & Acceptance Requirements for Visitors for Projects in IndiaiWord Filej

Contact e-mail address: info@ashaasia.org



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