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Activities in India and Myanmar


@Independent Life to the People of Myanmar – Supporting the Establishment of Myanmar Kachin State Agricultural High School

NPO ASHA= Asian Sustainable Holistic Approach, supports the training of young agriculturists, especially the minorities such as the mountain tribes, who would contribute to sustainable agriculture development in politically unstable Myanmar. Since 2008, we have been collaborating with the Grass Root Organization in Myanmar to take in Burmese trainees for sustainable agriculture development 10-months trainings every year.  
In the past, we have supported the establishment of sustainable agricultural high school built by KIO, Myanmar, Kachin State Provinsional Government, by giving them suggestions and sending their staff/students to Japan for training. Dr. Kazuho Makino and Dr. Teruo Miura, both agriculturists and ASHA board members, visited the site on October 2005 to give suggestions.
On May 2007, teachers and members of the high school, a total of 3, visited Japan to get trainings on organic farming, adolescent education, and curriculum development for 3-months period. ASHA is involved in organizing this training and providing suggestions.

(Photograph: 2010, SCSA trainee, Munke. Graduated with a dream to do projects on mushrooms in his homeland)

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