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Activities in India and Myanmar


@Organic Farming for the Villages in India – Popularizing Organic Farming in the Villages

At Makino School of Continuing and Non-Formal Education, Sam Higgingbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, ASHA= Asian Sustainable Holistic Approach, supports projects that popularizes organic farming in the villages within India, and in the countries around.

yMain Project Contentsz

  • Educating the students of MSCNFERecruiting specialists
  • Managing the society of agricultural villages
  • Practicing and managing organic farming for balanced life and income
  • Organizing seminars for organic farm workers
  • Support collaborative projects with NGO from other areas
  • Provide advice for organic farming projects organized by government of India and abroad


The union business is now run by collaboration between the producers themselves and the NGO. We put primary focus on the vegetables and other agricultural products produced by the union members and how they sell them. In Japan, we also sell Indian herbal bathwater additives made with the organic products harvested in the villages as fair trade products.

yReality of Farms in Indiaz

The farmers in the villages of developing countries all over the world have been abusing chemical fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals in order to increase their agricultural productivities. India is one of such countries. The soil impoverishes as a result of chemical abuse, and in some areas, it reduces the productivities rather than increasing it. Parasites gather around these feeble crops due to the tainted soil, and in order to get rid of them, the farmers must increase the use of chemicals: it is a bad cycle. Agricultural chemicals are extremely costly for the village farmers with low incomes, so they may lose the farm land due to debts, thus loosing food to eat every day.           

In areas that use exceedingly harmful agricultural chemicals, the health of the children and the villagers are being affected even to this day, just as how it was in Japan in the history. People are showing concerns in the water pollution problems due to these agricultural chemicals, as it contaminates their drinking water and river water.

The activities of MSCNFE enforce sustainable and safe organic farming in the village areas, encouraging and training the village farmers of today and future.B

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