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Activities in India and Myanmar


@Path of Independence to the Village Women – Supporting the Advancement of Women in Agricultural Villages

At Makino School of Continuing and Non-Formal Education, Sam Higgingbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, ASHA= Asian Sustainable Holistic Approach, uses the methods based on Self Help Group (SHG) for projects designed to support the advancement of village women of the area.

Traditionally, women’s participation in the society is not considered important in Indian villages, but their culture and traditions are starting to change at a fast rate. Along with that, many village women have started to show interest in our department projects so to improve their own lives. Women know the family situations and household status the best, and they are also most influential to their child education. To support these women’s advancement in the society, we encourage them to create their own societies using SHG methods so they can voice their own opinions and ideas with confidence.


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